BGC Contacts

For more information about this symposium and digital initiatives at the Bard Graduate Center feel free to contact David Jaffee, Professor and Head of New Media Research, or Kimon Keramidas, Coordinator, Digital Media Lab:

David Jaffee, Head of New Media Research

David is the professor at the BGC tasked with considering the role of digital media tools in the development of the BGC's academic programs.
Contact: ude.drab.cgb|eeffajd#ude.drab.cgb|eeffajd

Kimon Keramidas, Digital Media Lab Coordinator

Kimon is responsible for managing the Digital Media Lab as well as working with faculty and students to develop projects through the Lab. Kimon's PhD included research in digital media studies and interactive technology and pedagogy.
Contact: ude.drab.cgb|sadimarek#ude.drab.cgb|sadimarek

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